What will you do the end? 10 white looks for every occasion

We can't deny it. We look forward to the weekend! It doesn't matter if we have plans or not, we die to rest and do everything that work / school doesn't allow you. Now, with the heat so intense, laziness to leave is imminent. Do you know what to do? Use one of the following looks to confirm plans this weekend.

If you want to go to the city center for makeup, a magazine, coffees with friends, etc. wear a baggy dress! So you can combine it with a very comfortable tennis without losing the glamor.

If you go to a festival, you can go crazy with a transparent dress (obvious with small clothes underneath). Every year there are more and more festivals Stop playing silly and attend one!

If you have an appointment, you can opt for a classic little white dress. So you can adapt it with shoes according to the appointment; that is, tennis if they go to a picnic or heels if they go to a restaurant.

If you are going to rest the whole weekend is valid, try an attractive short and an old shirt. Why? In case you have to go to the store for fruit or popcorn And there's your handsome neighbor!

If you have a family party and you have not confirmed, what do you expect? Take advantage of the fact that they get together and wear a casual skirt and top chic look, with some tennis shoes, just in case the outstanding soccer game is put together.

If you have a party with your other family (the toxic that all criticizes and fights for grandmother's land) use an extravagant, attractive and super glamorous dress, for the envious of your cousins.

If you plan to travel, the most comfortable, fresh, warm, fun and attractive look is an XXL sweatshirt with Timberland boots ...

... although this look with tennis can also serve you to go out to the errands, if you already planned to go for your groceries, toiletries, school supplies, office, etc.

If you saved to go shopping, use a palazzo with a tank top. Why? Because you can wear the blouses on top of your top and the palazzo is easy to remove. Eye! Makeup with white look, does not go.

If you don't know what to do on the weekend, what else does it matter? Plan a combination of casual skirt, formal sweater and stylish accessories, for whatever comes up.

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