Underground movies just in case you got bored of always seeing the same

Girls need to cry, laugh or even make a decision seeing people with problems similar to ours; This is what movies are for. However, Hollywood movies for teenagers are always the same! The typical social exiled girl, who becomes popular and likes the most handsome in school. Really? Who does that happen to? Nobody, that's why we leave you these “underground” movies that you will like more and you will identify yourself better.

Goodbye Berlin (Tschick)

This movie is German, and it's about two "weird" guys who aren't invited to the party of the year. Tschick steals a car so Maik goes to the party and can declare himself to the girl of his dreams. Then they flee to Berlin and somehow evolve their friendship.


This Belgian film * spoiler alert * has a strong and message ending. Lara is a young transgender who dreams of being a dancer. He has been medically prepared to have his sex changed, but because of an infection they cannot. She suffers the transphobia of her dance partners and she makes a decision that will "free" her emotional suffering.

Skate kitchen

This movie is perfect if you don't know anything about social groups. Camille (with pure paternal education) always behaved, played and dressed as a child. Now that she lives with her mother, she feels lonely and lost, until she meets some girls and boys with the same taste for skateboarding. A whole drama! Now he will have to socialize with girls and feel strange about falling in love with a boy.


Erica is a girl who considers us ready, but a pedophile judge, because she “prostitutes herself” with them and then blackmails them. One day he meets his stepbrother Luke, at first he dislikes him, but Luke has a story like the one she and her friends try to thwart. Their justice gets out of hand and they end up running away from the city.

Melissa P.

Many girls want to experience our sexuality, but when does it get out of our hands? How do you know if you are feeling uncomfortable? Well, Melissa, a lonely girl shows us her autobiography about her path to sexual maturity.

Córki Dancingu (The Lure)

Do you like mermaids and gothic? You will love her! A family adopts two sister mermaids. They take them to sing with them in nightclubs. One of the sisters ends up falling in love with her “stepbrother” and is increasingly moving away from her sister and her killer mermaid nature.


It's about two girls named Abigail, you know, the rivalry of two girls with the same name and super different. The introverted girl is chosen for the role of villain in a school play and with her teacher she transforms to stop being bothered. But the real message is the always frowned upon teacher-student relationship.

Don't look at me (Look Away)

Teen suspense is also attractive to many girls. If you ever saw Carrie and she beat you, Look Away will like it. It goes from an introverted girl but with a personality disorder, "her other self" helps her get revenge on those who molested her at school.


With a co-production from France, Turkey and Germany, they put together this jewel! Five orphaned sisters living in a Turkish town have to face their conservative society, including even arranged marriages. It will put you in perspective what really matters in life.

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