Yuya became Drag Queen

I think our beloved Yuya has already got bored of the classic makeup tutorials, of those who teach you how to use the highlighters, or how not to keep an eye while you outline it.

And that's fine, we better than anyone understand that creating content can be quite complicated because the topics sometimes run out or your creativity is blocked. But the last video that Yuya uploaded to his YouTube channel, is something completely out of the ordinary (of course it is).

First, I think it is the first video that comes up with the title of 'doing such a thing' for a day ', which youtubers love so much at this time. And secondly because it is the first time that she wears makeup in such a strange and exaggerated way.

Look how it looks, it doesn't look like it!

This is how #Yuya is trying to look like a #Dragqueen 🙄 pic.twitter.com/eUd8a0z6ZG

- Celebs Stories (@Psico_Estefany) January 20, 2019

Video: ME CONVIERTO EN DRAG QUEEN (January 2020).