Winter looks in which you will want to spend all your Christmas bonus

No matter how Grinch you are, yes or yes you like this era because of your Christmas bonus. It is an extra little money that we can use for ourselves or our loved ones. However, when you see the following looks, you will be motivated to spend it in just one look. In the end it is a gift made by you for you.

Brand leggings, high boots and a plush coat. Take advantage of this look and become the queen of all your inns.

Leatherette pants, high booties and a plush colored coat. Leatherette and ankle boots will highlight your new expensive Paris coat.

The set of two equal pieces was a hit this year ... and will continue to be. Take the opportunity to wear a long outfit this season and a coat with a teddy bear on top.

A top sweater with sophisticated pants. You will look amazing in the office wearing a completely new look, even accessories.

A sensual sweater with jeans and brand belt. Now that you have money, you can take advantage of buying those branded belts, to give your looks a more elegant look.

A coat that looks like it's taken from the Teddy family. It sounds childish, but the stuffed animal will become a great and comfortable trend. Everyone will want to hug you.

A look with a deep red will make you a magnet of looks and will go ad hoc to the times. It's like being Ms. Claus in young and beautiful version.

Jeans with a pure silk blouse. Maybe you already have satin garments in your closet, but expensive and pure silk will make you feel beautiful, millionaire and your skin will thank you.

Outfit with a giant jacket. If your city becomes the North Pole, invest your bonus in a giant jacket, of those that are like skiing, you will look like New York.

A casual look of jeans, booties, sweatshirt and a red Cruella de Vil wrap. Obviously without killing a puppy or other animal, use fake fur.

A tight long-necked sweater, bomber jacket and vinyl skirt. If you live under a stone and still do not know, vinyl is the trend of the season Take advantage!

A cardigan with strands; that is, be like a stuffed animal. Your casual looks will be great this spring. Great investment.

Video: Squishy Makeover: ChristmasWinter Edition (November 2019).