Tips to fall in love with your opposite pole

The metaphor that "opposite poles attract" comes from the law of universal gravitation. Practically speaking of the interaction between bodies with different mass. However, physics does not apply in romance and when we like someone who looks like our opposite pole, we see the case as lost. Do not hurry, there are tricks to take advantage

Make the unknown your attractive side

When your link is equal to you in tastes, they will have no mystery to discover. Boys are not attracted to girls who are open books. You must become unknown ... a challenge to conquer.

Use the general culture to create conversation

Talking about banalities on a date sounds bland, but with an opposite pole it is not. Why? Because both analyze each situation from different points of view, creating a more fun, thoughtful and elaborate conversation.

Try to find something in common

There has to be something that both of them like and will make them connect. Not to mention that trying to discover it will be a lot of fun; because both will have to put on the table all their tastes ... even the guilty.

Try any of your tastes

You don't have to change who you are to please him, but try to try something he likes. He will appreciate and take praise for you to try. Maybe he even likes you.

Be the best part of him

There are things that we don't like about ourselves and seeing it in another person makes us fall in love. For example, if he gets nervous about dating, you show yourself relaxed, calm and guide the conversation.

She looks cute on dates

You have to help this physical law with the physical one. I know it sounds superficial, but the boys pay more attention to someone who physically attracts them. That way it won't be closed to your different ideas.

Negotiate your appointments

Betting and negotiating makes you intriguing. Both propose what they would like to do and deny it. For example, if he is a football fan and you are a beer fan, they agree to go to a match but have beers in between.

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