Reasons why you have a thousand suitors and no formal boyfriend

That you have entered this post, does not mean that you are desperate for a boyfriend. But surely you question the amount of suitors vs no formal boyfriend you have. There are different reasons, the main one could be you. And no, there is nothing wrong with you, you may even be destined in a big way.

1. You are in love with your career

It's not that your career repels love. You have so little time for your suitors, that you never know them in depth; nor they to you. Do not worry, it is excellent that you know how to focus on your passions.

2. You believe in love

You may have tried to be a girlfriend of one of your suitors, but you never approve! Because you believe in love and think there must be something else. A magical, special connection, a "I don't know what I know".

3. You like to have fun

If you love to do what you want without accountability to anyone, it's just that! It is true that having a boyfriend and spending special times is fascinating. But being single, meeting new people and living adventures is a lot of fun.

4. You have a condo heart

This phrase means that many people live in your heart, who enter and leave without affecting you. Eye! We say it in a good way; that is, you fall in love every five minutes and your heart is so big that it has room for many special people for you.

5. You are extremely independent

After all, you were born and you will die alone And no! You are not bitter. You just don't need anyone in your life to feel good and complete. You are so independent that it does not benefit you or affect whether or not there is a man in your life.

6. It is not what you are looking for in life

This point is very valid. You put aside the cursilerías to concentrate on school, work, family or even yourself. That's why having a boyfriend is not a priority for you. Your priority right now is yourself and you want to focus on it for now.

7. You love yourself too much

There is a breaking phrase in Sex and the City that says "I love you, but I love myself more." And it has a lot of logic, loving you too much means not complying with any boy. You expect to be treated as you treat, someone with the same maturity, in the same harmony, and so on.

8. Your intelligence is above average

Smart girls scare boys so much Why? Because they don't know what to talk to you about, they fear being stupid or that you get bored with them. Not to mention that smart girls have an almost innate sarcasm, which offends without your intention to do so.

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