Ways to tell your crush that it brings you all crazy

When it comes to feelings, it is impossible for women to control ourselves. In one way or another we always seek to express what we feel, and even more so when we are inevitably falling in love with a boy.

The only problem is when we begin to feel those nerves of emotion, but at the same time of uncertainty that they do not let us sleep or think about not knowing how to let them know everything that causes us just by seeing it. But don't worry! We want to share some really useful tips that we can apply when we literally do not know how to do it so that he finds out what we feel for him.

Make a playlist with songs that describe what you feel

If possible, research the bands you like a little earlier and add one or another of them.
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Write to your inbox saying only "I dreamed about you" ...

This will also be the perfect excuse to start a conversation with him. You can tell him that you dreamed that you and he were dating and were going on a trip or something similar, get creative! ... There is no man who resists intrigue.

Give him a kit to watch movies at home

A sprite, chocolates, popcorn, ice cream and other things that you can not resist. Preferably see one of terror ... it will be the best excuse to embrace it when "you are afraid."

Send him a cute “whats” upon waking and sleeping

Tell him something cute and even a little cheesy, type: “Get out of my head! You are the only thing I think! ” You will get a smile and even a sigh, I assure you.

A handmade little card

Words written in handwriting will never go out of style! Giving her a handmade letter will let her know that you really care. It is an even more personal detail, do not hesitate to dare!

Invite him to eat!

That's right, change the “rules” a bit and be the one who invites you for this occasion. Click on the restaurant or place you like best. You will get him out of the monotony that he has lived with all the girls he had met before, which will make you special from the first date.

Give 'I love' a selfie that has been uploaded recently.

If the words don't come out or you get very nervous about sending him a message, you can be more subtle and tell him that you literally 'love it'. Wait to see if he answers you in the same way!

Tell him a phrase that lets him know that you consider him handsome and attractive

There is nothing wrong with making the day saying: "Chris Evans would like to look as good as you."

Take courage, stand in front of him, breathe and just tell him how much you like him

Wait a few seconds to see what he answers. If nothing happens, you can always run away in pain ... Ah! but yes, without having left with the desire!

Getting carried away will always be one of the best things you can do! Remember that when it comes to love, there is not much to do, other than venturing you. We wish you all the luck in the world with your crush.

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