10 Outfits you can achieve with black leggings and a white shirt

I know that we all dream of a closet the size of a house, full of possibilities and beautiful clothes that dazzle us. But even if it hurts, we have to accept reality and do our best to take advantage of our closet in our favor. You do not need new clothes every day, with which you have enough and left over to get hundreds of possibilities.

If you don't believe me, check out what you can do with black leggings and a white base shirt:

See how cool you can get by adding only your denim jacket and a bag It's crazy!

Add a plaid shirt as if it were a jacket.

The thing can be put as formal as you want. The trick will always be in the accessories and in the shoes but the base remains the same.

A sweater for crazy and ready weather.

Or a vest, check how the base changes completely with just a different complement.

It can be even your lazy look.

Or to see you stunning.

The thing is to have attitude and creativity.

A long formal shirt and a bun will make you look gorgeous.

Even to go to the gym.

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