Tips to beat that boy who was never your boyfriend

During adolescence we all experience love dramas. None of us understood love at all. Our courtships were intense and we ended up in love with the wrong boy. And although it makes us laugh, we must admit that some of us never learn.

Finishing nailed by a boy who is not even your boyfriend is horrible, because there are feelings but nothing serious ever happened, so you live the rejection and the duel of rupture even if there has been nothing between you. If you feel identified, these tips will help you.

Go out with your friends

You should not hold on to your love drama. Try to make many plans like going to the movies, bowling, going for a coffee, visiting someone or even watching Netflix. To overcome a boy you must be distracted and think about yourself.

Try to frequent your single friends

Dating your friends is a relief, but dating those who don't have a partner makes the job easier. That way you won't have to endure the sweety couples and remember it. Remember that the right company will make your day more fun, they can talk for hours with nothing that involves love.

Do not check your social networks

They may or may not have been blocked, depending on the case, but in case you don't, avoid entering their networks! If you check their networks it will make you miss him and see that he has more friends. Believe me that even an innocent publication of another girl will make your blood boil.

Don't read their old conversations

Reading their conversations is always a bad idea. What are you looking for? See what went wrong? Remember your pretty words? If there were indications that he wanted something serious? It will not help you, it is someone who did not want enough, eliminate their conversations and continue with your beautiful life.

Take your distance with him

If you know him from school or work, it will most likely be followed, but since there was no relationship as such, less a break. As not talking to him would be very hot, it is best to take distance. Avoid the places he frequents and talk to him less by chat as if nothing.

Go to lots of parties, clubs or bars

The parties serve you more than you think; because you are going to have a lot of fun, you will forget that boy during one night, you can dance, laugh and sing so euphorically that you can let off steam with your best friends.

Think about how young you are

You are still young, many kids are missing in your life that leave you with good memories. Couples who know their better half at such an early age are very rare. I promise you that the worthwhile men are the ones that take the longest to arrive.

Take it as a learning

Forgetting it is not an option, because we do not rule over our mind and it is normal for you to keep thinking about it. However, it is better if you take it as an apprenticeship. That way you will always think about the kind of guy that is not worth it or the kind of relationship you don't want to have.

Search the indicated

Surely you will find a guy who does want a relationship with you. The best advice to give you is to expect something better. A nail can take another nail, because a good boy can make you forget who did not value you.

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