Selfies to make you believe you have a life

Calm! I know you are thinking: "And this is what is believed, the one that has a lot of life or what?" No, it is not about that, let me explain before they hate me. One day while I had a coffee, me and my loneliness nothing more, gossiped on Instagram looking for poses so that my selfies would no longer look so choteadas. And that was when I realized that we are all fake ones. We take pictures to show the world that we have an interesting life, when in reality it is quite ordinary. Why? I do not know!

So I said to myself: “Myself, these are the pictures you will never take again. Stop pretending! If you have nothing to show then you show nothing and period ”And these are the selfies that were left on my blacklist:

Silly filters Bye! Checking my selfies I felt sorry for myself. So they leave forever.

Never missing the photo with the pet, to upload that you took 456 because the dog just cooperated. You got your picture and you didn't even go for a walk to thank the patience.

I have people on my social networks who take selfies every time they go to Starbucks, as if that gave them status and an interesting life. The saddest thing is that you see them in the cafeteria taking pictures, all the time on the cell phone, they don't talk to anyone. Sorry!

This is the one that gives me the most sorrow. People who take selfies while walking and also laugh as if they had been told a joke. What are they laughing at?

The typical holiday selfie. Everyone poses as if it were the best meeting of life. The photo is over, all on their cell phones, and the mega boring party. Pure appearance and nothing more.

Spending it at home watching TV is not having life or at least a productive one. Although your selfie is super cool, it is deception.

I do not understand why people insist on posing so false and overactingly in all their photos. It is like wanting to live a life that is not.

Surely they have seen it a thousand times (or even have done it) They take the Selfies of Best Friends, the photo ends, everyone uploads it, spends it checking the notifications and the “Besties” or peel each other.

As if you were an adventure but in reality you go to your grandmother's house ...

I do not understand these types of photos either. What is the objective? What do they mean? I only see someone obstructing and annoying my step.

There are also people who upload selfies every day without fail. Nobody needs you to document your day, you are not a celebrity.

They kill me with laughter. The couple who wants to show the world the perfect love. But the reality is that both are on the cell phone, do not peel and their relationship is not magical.

And let's not forget the meaningless photos that already fall into the absurd and ridiculous. I mean, what does diamantine have to do with temperature?

Those who say goodbye every night with a sexy photo in bed. As if millions of people were waiting to see what time they went to sleep.

And obviously they also greet every morning with the typical and annoying phrase: “Days! Pffff Thank you, I didn't know it was already dawn until you confirmed that it was already day.

And the jewel of jewels, the selfie with the book they will never read. They only use it for the photo and to pretend they love reading.