Outfits with clothes from your closet that you had not thought of

The phrase "I have nothing to wear" is the classic of all the girls, although few say it out loud, sure more than once this phrase has sounded in your head. Having a closet full of different clothes, of all colors, shapes and textures is quite complicated, because the economy is getting more and more money. For girls who are tired of always using the same, but they find it difficult to get new clothes, we leave you 10 different outfits with clothes that you already have.

That button-down shirt could become a great top, it's just a matter of tying it up instead of buttoning it. Add to this some jeans to the hip and you will be very cool.

The classic white shirt with the sweater on it looks very trite, but if you wear them with a short, you'll look really different. In case it is very cold, wear stockings, they give the same effect.

The dress you wear to go to serious meetings would look very original with casual accessories, such as a pair of sneakers, a jacket, a casual bag or even a relaxed attitude.

That leatherette coat should be everywhere, except stored in your closet. Well, it literally combines with everything and adapts to any place you go.

The maxi dresses became popular in the spring-summer season, for their colorful fabrics and freshness. But for those cloudy days they can also accompany you with closed shoes and a faux leather jacket.

More than once I have encountered girls who have a short or a trousers type tailor and never use it! This should stop being a problem, because combining this garment of godinez with a jacket, socks and boots, you will look great.

The pants were invented for comfort, but not to take them anywhere. But if you make coconut, you can take your favorite pants wherever you go. Less to something very elegant, obvious.

Denim is not a problem when combining, but as is the most common, we recommend combining different types of denim, because that is never missing in your closet.

We all have a strange jacket and we rarely use it in our closet. It's time to take it out! Combine it with the most minimalist clothes you have and everything will look in perfect balance.

The boyfriend jeans are perfect, but what if we added a blazer and thin shoes? That's what clothes are about, experimenting with your clothes and then literally, you can make hundreds of combinations with them.

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