Flirty outfits to go for drinks with your friends

Knowing what to wear to go to a party or a bar with your friends is sometimes a dilemma because of not knowing how to combine so as not to see ourselves too 'untidy' or very 'elegant' at the same time.

So that you do not stress, I want to leave you here some outfits that are in a “middle ground” to see you fashionista and chic during an afternoon or girls night.

Remember that currently there is no 'code' that forces you to wear heels or dress. Break stereotypes and choose the outfit that best suits your personality.

With basic garments you can get a result with a lot of personality. Look in front of the mirror and analyze what you could add or remove to your look.

If you don't know very well how to combine colors, opt for an 'all-black' style never fails and will always make you look with personality.

I swear I like them so much that I even want to take them to school every day.

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