Tips for wearing a swimsuit if you have large bubis

Although it sounds cliché when saying "All girls like to buy clothes" the reality is that most of us are bothered to buy it, what we really like is having it. One of the most difficult items to buy (except for the bra) is the swimsuit, because you have to look for the one that fits you, make you look good and without being able to try it on 100%.

Having certain attributes can make this task even more difficult, because sizes and sizes are standard. A clear example is having large breasts, because buying the wrong swimsuit can hurt or display them, so it is better that you read the following tips and do not settle for the first suit you see.

Thick braces

We are very sorry to tell you that the thin straps in your future swimsuit will be your new forbidden love, because it doesn't matter if the material looks sturdy, thicker straps will help your bubis feel safe and also stay where they should be .

Good quality material

There is nothing wrong with getting cheap or discounted clothes, but if you buy a cheap swimsuit you may regret it for the rest of your vacation. Economical fabrics may be submerged in water, but they may become transparent or rigid. Look for a suit with thick, expandable, reinforced and durable fabric.


I know that we are more than tired of the bra, we want to free ourselves from it and walk comfortably; However, if you have large breasts, the rods sound like an excellent option, because you will not only feel your bubis with more support, but you will feel sure that they will not come out to greet the other people in the water.

Big glasses

With this point we mean, to avoid small cups, such as triangle bikinis, if you don't want to be constantly taking care of your nipples; If you try with a bikini, use a strapless or round.

Take care of your forehead

Whether bikini or swimsuit, you should be aware that if the neckline is too large, some of your bubis will be out sooner than later, because although the universe has blessed you with that great attribute, not all girls like to walk teaching more.

Take care of your sides

In addition to taking care of your bubis from the front, also take care of the lateral sides, because sometimes we do not notice that on the side of the ribs our bubis begin to greet the spectators without us noticing.

If you wear a bikini that has a running belt

The strap that goes on the back, is the one that will be responsible for holding your bubis most of the time, then if you wear a bikini that is tied from the back, you will have to adjust it every time and you will not enjoy your vacation. If you do not find a bikini with a running belt, look for those that are covered with a brooch, they are also resistant.

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