Ways to wear a shirt without looking like you just left the office

Before starting work, in my closet there was not a single shirt with a collar and buttons, I always thought they were exclusively for formal outfits of those that you only take to work. And that if I put them on I would look like an office worker without being one.

Curiously now that I use them more often; precisely to go to work, it is how I realized that they have many more uses, and that they do not make you see Godinez all the time, that that depends on how and with what you use them. So if you want to give them a chance, these outfits will show you the right path.

Leave the last two or three buttons loose so you can tie the tips and look more casual in the company of your favorite jeans.

Wear it as if it were a kind of light jacket.

Add tennis to the outfit, and even if it is formal, it will immediately become a super casual look.

Choose shirts with cute decorations, full of color and texture.

Wear them under a sweater, and add a skirt or shorts full of color.

Look for more feminine and cute shirts, with frills, fabrics, openings etc.

Plaid shirts are best suited for casual outfits, but they are not the only ones.

Use the transparencies of these shirts in your favor, and put on a beautiful bralette underneath.

Enter a part in your pants and get a scruffy and classic look.

Dare to combine them with all kinds of overalls.

Create a neckline even if it seems not to have it.

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