Cheap engagement rings so that you no longer put pretexts

Engagement rings are very expensive, vary greatly in price but usually range from 10,000 pesos to infinity and beyond. And that is why many boys wait years to ask the big question, because they have to save a lot for the ring. But if your boyfriend already grabbed the economy as a pretext not to take you to the altar, then we have the solution.

We have made a compilation of 15 beautiful and very cheap engagement rings, so that you stop putting on excuses. Look how beautiful everyone is.

If in addition to a beautiful and colorful ring you want it to be in trend, this preciousness in rose gold is for you. Buy it HERE.

A vintage style makes a ring look much more glamorous, and it practically leaves you breathless. Chek out HERE.

If your style is much more minimalist and you never liked the rings with ostentatious stones, this ring has to be for you. Find them HERE.

A beautiful stone still with a minimalist and avant-garde style. If you want, click HERE.

I don't know about you but if you come to me with a ring with an emerald like that, I throw myself crying into your arms. Buy it HERE.

Engagement rings do not always have to be gold or silver with diamonds on them. Sometimes the different is worth more. Single HERE.

The advantage of this ring is that you can choose the color of the stone. Click HERE.

With a ring like that, it doesn't matter where or how you ask. Single HERE.

This ring is the perfect combination between a rose and a jewel. Find them HERE.

A beautiful ruby ​​for girls who love flashy things. Buy it HERE.

Why settle for a white or transparent stone when you can have something like that. Click HERE.

A diamond in the rough, a symbol of the relationship they will have to polish in order to be together for a lifetime. Buy it HERE.

For those who cannot overcome the history of Beauty and the Beast. Single HERE.

A sapphire that reminds me of Rose's necklace in Titanic. If you want, click HERE.

With this ring you have two options, choose it alone or accompanied. Chek out HERE.

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