5 earrings that make you more attractive to boys

The earrings are like your best friends, they accompany you all the time, they are almost permanent, because although you don't have them later, they leave a small void. However, there are some earrings that, in addition to serving as decoration, enhance your beauty to the boys. Here are some that make men crazy.

The septum earring

It has become a super trend and how not to be? The truth is that it enhances the makeup of any girl and although many say that it is a cow's earring, the truth is that if you are looking for a very chic one, you will look gorgeous.

Nose earrings

Well, although the truth is the nose earrings in general, they give that daring touch to any girl.

In the belly button

The navel earring never goes out of style, because if you know how to choose a fancy earring, which does not look so flat, you can make your belly something super sensual.

A different variation in the navel

Even many ignore that the earrings in the belly can vary, as they can be above or below the oblique, by the coccyx, and so on.

In the neck

If you have small hair or you like to comb your hair often, an earring in the neck will make you see, in addition to extravagant, a very unusual and attractive girl. If you have long hair and usually leave it loose, don't even try! It really is a nuisance, because it will get your hair stuck and be painful.

In the ear

Almost all the girls have the classic earrings in their ears, the joke of getting sensuality with this type of earrings, is wearing earrings that highlight your ears, neck and neck, as some men find these sexy parts.

Simple earrings

Another good tip that we can give you, is that you know how to use the art of subtlety, because beautiful and simple earrings look much better, than to bring up the parakeet hanging in your dark circles.

Earrings in the bubis

Although we know that (unless you are Kendall Jenner) you are not going to walk around the world presuming an earring that bold, at the time of other daring things your boy will notice. But we don't assure you it won't hurt.

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