Combinations you can do with a catchy skirt

If you feel like a casual and feminine look at the same time, then you should choose to dress with sticky skirts! But if you do not know very well how you could combine them, I leave you here some ideas that will inspire you to add more of them to your wardrobe, you will love them!

With a casual denim shirt you can have a very casual and sexy look! This look can be combined with shoes or sneakers depending on what style you want, do not be afraid to break stereotypes!

With a blazer or short coat you can look perfect for business days or for college. The socks of this type make this look look super cute.

If you don't have coats that match the color of your skirt, a black jacket is the perfect option to complete your look.

If you are more daring and want to use cleavage, you can also apply this style.

Don't forget to 'accessorize' your looks! These skirts always have incredible style of hats. They make you look sophisticated and sexy.

Crop tops are like the soulmate of this type of clothing. If you feel safe from your body, you could try!

If you feel that your shirt does not go with the type of skirt, try to make a knot in front or side and see how the look radically changes.

A very casual style that I personally love to go to the movies with my friends.

Create contrasts with the color of your skirt and your top garments!

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