8 Apps to get the sexy body you've always wanted

The apps have been in charge of helping the girls to solve some issues, from those that make us look prettier, to those who are in charge of scheduling our menstrual cycle.

Almost all of us are looking for a sexy and healthy body, but our economy or short time prevents us. But calm down because there are already apps that will help you get it and here we leave them.


This app is something like a personal trainer for any type of sport or outdoor activity you want to do. Well you can register, track and analyze the training and your statistics. Not only is it an app for running girls, you can also configure it for your routes by bicycle, basketball, aerobics, pilates, yoga, etc.


It is an app designed to educate and raise awareness of girls about healthy weight loss, because it is not necessary to go hungry to lose weight, she will teach you to eat properly.

Nike Training Club

This app is a series of personalized exercises, previously done by the most famous coaches in the world. Each exercise is shown in a video (so you are not mistaken, obviously). In addition, this app will give you messages of encouragement to move forward.

I read it

Unlike other apps that serve to count calories, this app is aimed at girls looking to lose weight. You just have to enter the data of the foods you have ingested and the calories they contain, so that the app offers you a plan with which you can reduce the calories you are consuming.

Daily Yoga Training

Yoga is also good for getting an excellent body, in addition to relaxing you. If you are not very expert or flexible, this app will teach you how to do the postures you want and thus execute them as you should. It is also by levels, if you already master it or if you want to move forward little by little. So there is no excuse for staying still at home.

Light cooking recipes

This app contains more than 300 low-calorie, healthy and super delicious recipes. The recipes are made up of fish and meat, to vegan fruits and vegetables. It also includes entrance, main course, desserts and snacks to be able to eat peacefully, as it will tell you the calories consumed.

7 minute training

This app is made for girls who don't have much free time. The training is reduced to the duration of 7 minutes that you can do once or several times a day, to tone your body. It has voice instructions and images with detailed explanations of how to perform each exercise and a calendar to record your progress.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

It is something like a personal counselor, who will motivate you in a supernatural way to lose weight, because your “personalized coach” will shape your regimen based on your exercise and diet progress, add goals and schedule them as you go fulfilling.