I don't know whether to grow big or make myself small ...

I am in that moment of life in which I must choose whether I grow big or small. Both have their advantages and disadvantages ...

If you get small everything is easier, you can hide anywhere when you are afraid or when you don't know what to do; However, because of your size you have a small heart and big love, which will make it harder for you to interact with others.

If you grow up, you can see the entire horizon and how far you are able to get, and therefore, you will ascend faster; but ... you can miss the small details that make life worthwhile, like your grandmother's smile when the whole family is reunited, or the smell of toast made by mom in the morning.

After thinking so much, I realized that in order to succeed at any stage of life, everything must have a balance. You can not always be large or small, you must learn to identify situations that require a certain size. At first it will cost you work and you can get it wrong, but just that transition from mistakes, injuries, as well as successes and smiles, is what we call life.

Therefore, I hope that when you decide to be great, you leave a mark in the place you arrive and in the people you meet, teaching how wonderful it is to be and believe in yourself. At the same time, love with your whole being without fear of failure, since Love is one of the stages in life where you must be great, so that the person who arrives is at your height and both can respect each other, love each other and at the same time give themselves the freedom they need as people to enjoy life.

And when you decide to be small, I hope you enjoy that stage that despite being painful, leaves us many lessons. However, do not get stuck in it, you can never dare to do new things due to fear and disappointment, since those feelings become a deceptive comfort zone.

Whatever stage you are in, live it with courage and heroism, since you can never admire and thank for the sunlight, if you have never been in the dark.


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