12 Outfits that show that 'less is more'

Your outfit of the day does not always have to be loaded with many accessories and garments. With little you can do a lot, and that's just what these girls will show you.

Take off that idea once and for all to see yourself "well", you must do a whole show with your clothes to achieve your goal. Here you have these incredible ideas to achieve an incredible look.

There are many ways to combine an all black style. A lot will depend on what you are going to do during the day.

Most of these looks you can literally get them with 2 colors and some very simple accessory.

You may wonder how they look amazing? And the answer is simple: It's thanks to his bearing! Work on your way of walking, standing and expressing yourself to achieve a result that makes you feel confident about yourself when dressing with these outfits.

Play with garments that everyone considers for “elegant” moments and with casual garments. You can make an explosive combination.