12 nail colors that will combine beautifully with your outfits

In all this last year all that fashion of making designs on my nails no longer excites me so much, however what I am delighted to do lately, is to paint them with totally vibrant, elegant and chic colors that make me look more like a woman and not like a girl.

That is why today I want to leave you with these images that will inspire you to go to the mall today and buy a beautiful enamel that combines with your personality and with the outfits that you usually use most.

I am going to be completely honest and if they want a perfect color that lasts and does not look "pirate", they should consider buying 'Dior' or 'Chanel' varnishes, they are not really as expensive as many think, their colors They are really impressive and their quality far exceeds that of any other brand (I say it from my own experience).

When it comes to your beauty it is worth investing good money. If you continue to buy products that are not good, you will eventually spend a lot more. For example: A “pirate” varnish can last you 2 or 3 days maximum without being faded. But one of good quality can last you up to 7 days looking perfect, so you will say what suits you best ...

Beautiful hands and nails will always speak very well of you. Take care of them and consent!

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