Miniatures that your cheesy heart needs to have

There is nothing in this world that does not look super cute if it is made in miniature. They may not be very functional but they are certainly super decorative, imagine what all these beautiful looks like decorating your room.

Take a look and see how your cheesy heart makes its appearance.

A fully functional mini knife. You can wear it in a necklace. Buy itHERE.

Have you always wanted a Chanel bag? Well at least you can have your miniature. Buy themHERE.

A mini camera for photography lovers. Single HERE.

Imagine how this mini vase will look on top of some of your furniture. Find them HERE.

A small book with a secret compartment. Buy it HERE.

Your own fairy door. Buy itHERE.

A tiny suitcase to put your rings maybe. Single HERE.

You can put tiny pictures on them and stick them to the wall. Find themHERE.

Imagine this super small lamp on your bedside table. Buy itHERE.

A tiny iPad. Buy itHERE.

Mold to make gummy bears super chuiquitos. Single HERE.

And your own book of dragons. Find them HERE.

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