Tattoos that will make your shoulders the sexiest part of your body

Our shoulders are pumps of sensuality that rarely explode and deserve to have a little more attention. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, consider this area, because your attractiveness will increase by 100%. Check out some designs that look more than spectacular on them.

If you want a beautiful rose, this is the best place to make it. The rounded shape of your shoulder will give you a better perspective.

It is as if you had an accessory embedded there forever.

The wings you always needed.

A line of flowers that begins on your neck, passes over your shoulder and ends on your arm.

You can put large and striking designs.

Jewels hanging from him.

You have a beautiful line, take advantage of it!

An amazing mandala.

Play with the curves of your shoulders.

Chains that will always adorn you.

Perfect geometric figures.

Or you can play with the animal print.

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