Decorate your notebooks so that you are not ashamed when you return to class

I know that you are still enjoying your beloved vacation and that what you least want is to think that the damn date on the calendar is getting closer and tells you that you will have to get up early again.

However, I have something that can help you see the bright side of all this and perhaps motivate you to return with everything. This is your notebooks, beautiful ideas so that they are unique, unrepeatable and your return to school is worth it.

Look how simple it is to leave them that cool.

No matter what kind of paste your notebook has, you can do it directly on it or line it and then give it such a beautiful decoration. You just need to create a template and buy the sharpie of the color you like best.

Nothing will be more original than a drawing from your own inspiration. It doesn't have to look perfect, just reflect who you are.

Use what you have on hand to decorate them. Take photos, prints, pieces of cloth etc. A little glue and everything will be in place.

You can also go crazy and do the artist. Place paint in a spray container and fill your notebooks with color.

Or you can paint the paper with which you are going to cover them.

Create a cardboard cover for your notebook, which is a lightweight cardboard so you can fold and handle it. Decorate it and then line your notebooks with it.

Add envelopes to the paste of your notebook, so you can save important notes.

Or decorate it with your vacation photos, so you can show them off all year long.

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