Selfies that you and your best friend will give you right in outfits that don't have

Browsing Instagram I found a 'Friendship Goal' super fashion which is about dressing in similar or equal garments to make a perfect match with your best friend.

Definitely the idea sounds super fun, although of course, I must also be realistic and accept that these girls look fabulous since they achieved great funds and mainly outfits that sometimes are not so easy or cheap to get.

But well, anyway, I think it's an excellent idea to propose these ideas to your best friend and thus have a fun time.

Possibly my best friend and I had to exchange those bottles of champagne for one of Bacardi and Tonayan (hahahaha)

I loved these outfits very much.

Perfect colors for fall and winter.

Well, I also need some of those angelic faces.


I need a break like this in my closet right now!

I've always wondered ... How will they always make it so good in their photos?

Great t-shirts

I could see the colors of those dresses all day.

For those friends who are like separated twins at birth.

Chic, sexy, feminine and fashionistas in a single photo.

I would definitely be the friend that Nutella wears.

Wooow! Can you imagine the hit that you and your friend would have dressed like this? He would go to the clouds.

Simply perfect!