8 Tricks to make your hairstyle last much longer

Either because you have a special event or you are simply tired of spending a lot of time combing it so that after two hours everything is already scrapped. It is time that you know some tricks that will allow you to stay longer next to your beautiful hairstyle, whatever.

It's mega simple, check it out.

Use the cold air button on your dryer

If you use the dryer to comb your hair, always use hot air but not look like it came from hell. And once your hair is just as you want, press the cold air button that all dryers tare. This will fix it.

Put the fixative in your hands

We all have those little hairs that seem to not accommodate anything. But the solution is super simple, instead of spraying a whole bottle of lacquer, put a little on your hands and crush them, that way they will yield completely.

Use a toothbrush

If you don't want your hands to get sticky from the lacquer, then spray a toothbrush and comb those unruly hair.

That the leagues don't slip

There are times when the hair is so straight or thin that the garters slip and do not remain in place for more turns you give them. As the lacquer will also be your ally, saturate them with fixative before placing them, you will see how everything is resolved.

Riza twice

I know this will take more time but it is the most effective way for your curls not to fall apart at first. Try to make the pliers hot before starting, that also affects.

Braid your hair before sleep

Another option is to braid your hair before sleeping, so in the morning the hair will dawn curly and you will only have to pass the pincer once.

Don't touch your hair

The hands tend to grease the hair, so if you are always touching your hairstyle the only thing you will achieve is to pass this fat and make it come apart completely.

Wax instead of gel

Do not use gel! the hair looks stiff, dull and without movement, that is horrible. The wax will leave it fixed but without all these problems.