10 movies every girl should watch at least once in her life

The movies, not only serve to kill time or as an excuse to go to the movies with your friends or your boy. The films are there to teach us something, to leave us a legacy, to inspire us and sometimes even guide us in real-life decision making.

Girls love almost every movie, really. We even like some pretty terrible ones, because well, women are masochists. But over the years, a girl grows and selects some as her favorites, particularly I stopped to think, and there are some films so epic, that I think it's a sin if a girl has never seen her.

This is my list of movies that every girl should watch and my explanation of why:


I don't know a girl who has seen her and who has not become one of her favorites. The story is about a French girl who was always weird and does not follow the typical rules of society, goes through several adventures, where more than one will get you a tear, a courage or a laugh The best of all!

Breakfast with Diamonds (Breakfast At Tiffany's)

Here is a confession, I recently saw it for the first time, which is a bit embarrassing for me, a movie lover. They may think that it is a bit cliché or that I am stereotyping, but after seeing it I understood why it is a movie loved by all. Who does not enjoy the extravagant adventures of a super intriguing girl?

Sailor Moon movies

I know they are going to say “what do you have? 10 years? ”But Sailor Moon was and will be with whom we grew up the girls of the 90s. But if you are smaller or unfamiliar with this beautiful cartoon, your three films (Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S) will be a great introduction to the adventures of Sailor and her team of energy heroine girls solar.

million dollar Baby

This winning film with many awards is a classic. Of the first films where the protagonist is rude, fierce and boxing champion But beware! This movie will not only inspire you to be a stronger girl, but it will take your tears away as if you were a baby.

The itch of the seventh year (The Seven Year Itch)

In my experience, I know a lot more girls who place the image of Marilyn Monroe with her dress fluttering in the breeze, than girls who know the famous scene where it comes from. So my recommendation is to be informed where it comes from, Monroe is brilliant as an actress.

The life of Adéle (La Vie d'Adéle)

This story is for big girls. For all the combatants of the LGBT community, this film tells the story of a girl who enters her own sexuality and finds her identity as a woman.

12 Years of Slavery

Regardless of the fact that the film put one of my favorite icons (probably the one of many) Lupina Nyong'o on fashion and on the map. I found this film heartbreaking and impressive, that more than anything instills values ​​in anyone who sees it.


I'm not talking about just girls. No one in life should die without seeing her! They will say many that I say to see her because she is romantic and we are girls NO! It is not so, more than a love story, it is a story with tragedy and a memorable love, where it teaches girls that someone with nothing can give us everything, if we trust our instinct.

The Heathers

If you are a fan of Heavy Girls (Mean Girls) this movie is like the mother of Mean Girls. It's a dark comedy, where Wionna Ryder (the Lindsay Lohan of this movie) enters the group of the darkest and most toxic girls in her school alone.

The Devil Wears Fashion (The Devil Wears Prada)

Regardless of the clothing brands and the passion for fashion (because not everyone likes that). It is very important that you wonder how many of us have not had a boss like Maryl Streep? The main point of the movie is that girls must accept the fact that a job does not have (nor should) why control your life or change it.

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