8 things about distance relationships that nobody tells you

My name is Alejandra and I've been in a distance relationship for about 1 year and 3 months ... Hi Alejaa! And yes, having a "love at a distance" makes you a member of a select group of people, who walk the sad streets, alone, crestfallen and without illusions.

When we imagine a distance relationship we always go back to those we have seen all our lives in movies, but in reality they are not. That is why today I am going to talk to you about the 7 things that nobody tells you about “a distance relationship”, just so that you are prepared.

Fights are the worst

Well, you can only do it electronically and obviously whatsapp messages are not as intense, no matter how angry emojics you put. Also, since you don't know the tone that the other person used to write the message, many times they misunderstand and the fight gets even more complicated.

VIP makes you

A distance relationship gives you a certain "cache" and distinction, because the people around you always ask you: and how do they do it? How does it feel to have such a relationship? Is it difficult? So they become an interesting couple.

The “The Madness of Distance Relationship” syndrome

Since both parties only coincide in the same time and space for a few days; After the farewell, when one stays and another leaves, the one who stays suffers what I like to call "The syndrome of the crazy (or the crazy) of the distance relationship"

The symptoms are: missing the other and telling him constantly, crying all the time, being angry, relating everything to the other person, wanting to talk to him all the time and hating death to all happy couples, who kiss and / or hug . That's when you finally make sense of the song "Kilometers" by Sin Banderas.

Skype ... It's not that father

Although technology makes a distance relationship much easier and possible, this application is one of the ones I like the least and is that seeing it on the other side of the screen, without being able to touch it, causes you to miss it more ... so no ... Skype He's not such a father, he just leaves you wanting more.

Full batery

When they finally see each other again ... it is as if you recharge the battery to hold the days left to see each other again.

People tend to pity you

If you have a safe distance relationship, it has happened to you that in family gatherings, with friends, colleagues at work or at school, whenever someone asks you, why didn't your boyfriend come? immediately someone savagely jumps and answers: "is that her boyfriend does not live here, they have a distance relationship." And if it wasn't uncomfortable for someone else to answer for you, you always hear a "poor Aww from you."

You live with desire

Yes, wanting a kiss, a hug, a caress of more intimate things. And that goes crazy because you know you can't calm them down.

Love from afar ... Yes it's worth it

Well, although it's not easy, you learn to make yourself feel, whether it's sharing a dinner over the phone, celebrating a birthday on video, having fun with online games, watching a movie at the same time, revealing yourself in fights and reconciliations over the phone (and lapses of 5 minutes, that's why the free numbers)…

You learn that it is better to have distance, for a maximum of 72 hours in a row and 750km away ... than not.

Written by: Alejandra Alanis

Twitter: Jandra_Ale01

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