Tricks to quench your craving for something sweet without getting fat

Caring for the figure is not a simple thing but it is not impossible, the most difficult thing is always the beginning because it is the stage in which sweet cravings become aggressive. And it is those cravings that make us break the diet and throw away everything we have worked on.

But there are several tricks to be able to satisfy them without remorse making its appearance and much less recovering lost kilos.

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You don't forbid it

If you take it out of your life at once you will have anxiety to eat it, so it is best to reduce the amounts until you practically no longer eat it and it is only a craving from time to time.

Not only the sweet fattening

It is a myth that only sweet things get fat. There are salty foods that contain a lot of calories and fat. So not only the sweet thing damages your health and your figure.

Eat healthy sweet things

If you really are a super fan of sweet things and have a hard time not eating them, then choose to eat healthy things such as fruit. It's sweet but it won't make you fat.

Make snacks with stevia

If you are one of those who drink coffee or tea in the morning or during the day, try not to add conventional sugar but a substitute such as stevia, so you do not exceed your daily sugar limit.

Drink water

Sometimes a craving can be suppressed with water, so the next time you die for something sweet, drink plenty of water and see how it disappears.

Light is not the option

Light foods still have a lot of sugar, sodium and fat. So they are not the option if we are talking about a diet.

Eat sweet things in the morning

The body works better with insulin in the morning, so that carbohydrate intake in the morning increases energy, not fat stores. In addition, it increases serotonin and therefore, reduces the feeling of desire for sweet throughout the afternoon. You can opt for yogurt with fruits and honey.

Eat pure chocolate

Avoid milk chocolate since it has a high sugar content. Switch to pure and dark chocolate, it barely has sugars, since it is usually made up almost one hundred percent of cocoa.

just relax

Many times, the addiction to candy is marked by non-food reasons, such as anxiety, so learning to control it is vital to calm cravings. Exercise is a great tool.

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