Tips to dry your nails fast without destroying your artwork

Painting your nails can be one of the most relaxing and creative parts of your week or day (if you paint them often) the stressful thing comes when you have to wait for them to dry, because you can't do many things like for 30 minutes and you have to be Take care of everything and everyone, because if they do not run and you will have to paint them again or leave them that horrible.

Here is the solution! I will leave you several tricks so that your nails dry as quickly as possible, before the ruins or despair comes into your life.


If you ever ran out of your hair spray, your deodorant or etc., maybe you noticed that a little bit of icy gas comes out, the next time you run out, don't throw the can in the trash, use that gas to dry your nails. But seriously make sure there is nothing left of your product, but only ruin them.


If you ever put on acrylic nails, you will know that expert girls have super professional dryers, it is advisable for mortal girls to use your hair dryer at cold temperature But be careful! Keep it at least 10 centimeters from your nails so they do not run and in a short time they will be dry.

Olive oil

Yes, it may sound a little strange, but the oil helps dry them in seconds, here are two options. The first is to place a drop of oil on each nail at the end of your graffiti and blend it with a brush. Or the second one is to spray with spray oil and let stand a maximum of 3 minutes, then you wash with water And very smart!

Some cold

So is! The cold is the best for your nails, here you also have two options. The first is to immerse your hands in ice water for 2 small minutes and then let them dry outdoors. The second option is to put your hands in the freezer of your refrigerator and leave them like that for a minute. No matter what method you use, either one is super easy and fast.

Less glaze

In general, when we use very thick layers, it is longer to dry, I recommend you to put a thin layer, let it rest a little and apply another equally thin layer on top of it, so the same finish is left, but without despair of having to wait To use your hands

Professional enamel

There are some transparent enamels (of those we use to protect our graffiti) that are special for quick drying, the truth is that they are not very expensive and are highly recommended, because you still use it to protect your fingernails and to dry them shortly.

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