Tips to enter the world of Gym and not die trying

Worrying about the physical aspect is something that has happened to all of us, you should not feel ashamed. Seriously, nobody is going to look at you ugly for being new, remember that everyone who was there once was a rookie. Quiet, little by little you will gain confidence in yourself and you will end up being an expert.

If you have a lot of nerves and are not convinced to enter or not, here are some small recommendations so that you are not a disaster in your first days or so that you do not give up in the first week.

Search the coach

It is normal for every girl to feel lost the first day she enters a weight room or cardio. The very first thing you should do is look for a monitor, they walk in their world and do not place the new ones, so you should approach and ask “what do you recommend to lose weight?” (Or what you are looking for).

Don't be ashamed for being a rookie

You calm down, everyone goes to their task, do not think that everyone will be watching or criticizing you; unless you get to do very advanced exercises and have no idea what you are doing. But otherwise don't worry about making a fool of yourself if you don't understand any instructions.

They may try to link you

Usually, some ninis subjects only go to the gym to flirt or ball with their friends. You can identify them, they are usually boys who stay one or two hours on the same device. Understand that the GYM is not for flirting! Unless the boy is great.

Not meet people

If your main objective is to lose weight, create dough, be firmer or whatever you want. You go your way, put on some headphones and forget about everyone, believe me you will not make true friends or you will have a formal boyfriend there, so you know, to concentrate on yours!

You will have a lot of pain

If you are a newbie, muscle aches from exercise will be even more painful but DON'T BE AFRAID! It is normal and your solid body will repair itself and gradually it will get used to the pain. The more time you have in this, the less days the pain will last and even if you don't believe me, the point will come when you will like it a certain way.

Get something cheap

Let's see girl, do not break your head for an expensive gym, just take two things: a weight room (bars, discs, etc.) and a cardio. And the truth is that it is not for you to pay for something extra, like a super deadly combat fitness that you will never use in life.

Go slow

You don't have to go every day for many hours. Some girls are about to lose weight as quickly as possible and go many hours every day. Stop, it will be counterproductive! It is advisable to go 3 or 4 times a week, maximum one hour a day Relaaaax! If you overdo it, you will hurt your muscles and the less you will achieve your goal, resting is an essential part of all this.

Bathe in the gym

Leave modesty behind, besides that crazy idea that something is going to hit you is totally false. Wearing sandals in the showers is a rule, you will also relax your muscles, and avoid getting sick when you go out all sweaty and hot to the street.

Basic Training Kit

Finally, a basic equipment to go would be: a sweat towel, a bottle of water and a music player; That's all, the rest you are going to get in the way of changing the device.

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