Styles of sunglasses for each type of face

Who doesn't love sunglasses? They are one of my favorite accessories, they make anything you wear look fabulous, and they are also your best friends when you didn't wear makeup and you don't want anyone to see those swollen eyes.

However, few of us know which lens style benefits us most according to our type of face. If you want to take advantage of the angles of your face, then you have to see this.


These types of faces have many advantages, they are the most proportionate and because of this they can afford to wear any type of glasses. Just be careful with the proportion, if your face is small, do not wear glasses that are too large, and if it is large, avoid small ones.

Heart or diamond

Try to opt for glasses that have oval or circular lenses. And thin frames never thick. This will soften the angles of your face without overloading it.


These types of faces are characterized by being quite short, with a broad forehead, large cheeks and rounded chin. So the angular and geometric glasses are your thing, so you provide angles that your face alone does not have. Say no to oval and circular lenses.


These types of faces are characterized by having a broad forehead, wide jaw and square chin. You will be greatly favored by oval glasses because they will soften your jaw. Avoid all those that are geometric and with many angles.

Inverted triangle

These types of faces are characterized by having a broad forehead, wide jaw and triangular chin. You have to opt for rectangular and wide lenses.

Wide nose

We recommend large frames to balance the face. Small frames will only accent the width of the nose.

Long nose

The frames with tall and decorated arms, which direct attention to the temple and the entire upper part of the face, are the most recommended.

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