Gifts for your XV that you can ask for instead of a party

All the girls are different, some of us no longer wish to have a 15 year party. That dream of a princess dress, a waltz, a party, the limousine, and so on; It's not that cool for some anymore. However, many parents have the illusion of celebrating the transformation of their child to a young lady.

If you are a girl who doesn't have birthday parties, I bring you a list of gifts that you can present to your parents, most of them less expensive and more enjoyable than a huge party. Just don't ask for something you think your parents won't be able to pay.

A trip with your friends

Maybe you fight with some of your friends' parents, but you can ask your parents to organize even a mini trip, anywhere, with your best friends. You will have an amazing time! You could even have a better time than just a holiday with people who sometimes don't even talk to you. How are those annoying aunts!

A remodeling of your room

You are already 15 years old and surely you have new tastes or feel that your room is a bit childish. If this is your case, you could ask for a remodel of it, as in the TV shows and let your parents mega surprise you.

A car

You are one year away from being able to get your driver's license, if your parents think it is right, you can ask for a car, learn to drive, take care of it and in a boooooom year you will go wherever you want, to your friends' house, to school, shopping, anywhere you can imagine!

A change of wardrobe

You are at the age when a lot of your clothes are leaving to stay or to like you, you can ask your parents for a change of wardrobe, go shopping for a whole day or just ask for a gift card from your favorite store (the clothes that already do not want, donate it to whoever needs it).

A new laptop or cell phone

If you do not have a laptop, it is the perfect time to order one, you will use it for your new and heavy school work. If you already have one, you can ask for a new cell phone, which works better and you like it better, explain to them that it would obviously cost them a party more expensive.

A trip to Europe

You can ask the whole family to save, to go on a trip to a magical place. What better magic than Europe? This way you would share your gift with your closest loved ones and it will be a memory that you will never forget in life.

Tickets for a concert

But in the front row! If it turns out that your favorite artist comes to your city or the capital of your country, pray that they buy you a ticket, you will thank them forever (I would do it), you can invite your best friend and both have a great time.

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