7 Wonderful uses of translucent powders

As we go deeper into the world of makeup more things we discover and add to our list of essentials. A tool that should not be missing in your case are translucent powders, have more than one use and are simply amazing.

Check all they have to give:

Absorb fat

The function for which they were created is to mattify the skin. In other words, absorb moisture and fat from the face without damaging the makeup. So you have to always carry them in your bag.

Add softness to your face

If you want your face to look softer, apply it during the day and when you're done putting on makeup. It will give it a soft and matte appearance.

Set makeup

It seems that it has super powers, because if you apply a very thin layer on the lips, eyes and face in general, your makeup will last much longer.

Prevents the eyeliner from running

If you don't want the heat to drip your eyeliner, give it a few little touches once you've applied it. And ready it will be sealed.

Clarifies skin tone

With this you have to be careful, the translucent powders will make you look much whiter in the photos taken at night. So it is better to use it only during the day. But if you want to match your skin tone, it will help you a lot.

Correct the blush

Did you overdo it with the blush and now you look like a clown? Don't worry you don't have to remove makeup. Use your translucent powders to lighten the blush and match it.

Seal the concealer

Did you get granites? Do not worry, use concealer to cover them and also fill them with translucent powders, so the concealer will be sealed and will not fade with the base or powder makeup.