10 moments when your friends despair

We know that nobody is perfect and that friends will always be there for us when we need it most, however, there are things that can make us despair of them (even if we don't want it) such as:

When they are unpunctual

You send them a message to know where they are and they answer you with a message of: 'I arrive in 2 minutes' And you know that that really means that they are just leaving your home.

When they add someone who doesn't like your group of friends

Worst of all, you have to endure it so as not to look rude or think that you are jealous and you have to take great care of everything you say since you know that at any moment, you will get to speak badly about everyone behind your back.

When they arrive screaming because something good happened to them

Typical that you are in the morning at school and from one moment to another you hear a high-pitched scream that comes closer to you until it makes you feel as if your head wanted to explode. All because yesterday a boy was declared to your friend.

When you pass them a link of the profile of a boy who looks handsome and they add it

Worst of all, they add it "unintentionally" and start talking to link it before you do.

When they think 'over' about your boyfriend

There are times that although you love and love your friends, they pass the line and begin to comment on whether your boyfriend's hairstyle is ridiculous or if they don't like how you saw, etc ... that's annoying. Remember that neither you nor they are allowed to cross that line.

When for more advice you have given them, repeat their mistake and never heed you

An example is when they come crying to you because again they found compromising messages to her boyfriend talking to another girl, and as much as you advise them to leave him, they are foolish and believe that "now it will change."

When they overprotect you

I understand that the obligation of our friends is always to see for our good and want to take care of ourselves, but there are times when they behave as if they were boring grandmothers and do not let you do any madness from time to time.

When they are in their days and have no boyfriend with whom to take out their anger

Yes, when your best friend has no boyfriend, you have to endure her spontaneous cries and explosive anger month after month. The good thing is that they always end up asking you for a sincere apology for their fickle behavior (haha).

When they wear malacopa

It is typical that your friends drank too much, they already vomited everywhere, they are inopportune teaching the calzones to the whole bar and yet they get mad at you and cry you telling you that you do not want them, since you have been taking care of them all night to They don't kill themselves because they can't walk well anymore.

When they change plans from one moment to another

Argh! This does unsettle me. Let's say that throughout the week they agreed to go to a party at the weekend to which you are dying to attend. And just when that day comes, from one moment to another when they are about to leave, they tell you: What if we better go to a bar?

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