Things that happen when you think more than others

It is not for feeling the last Coca of the desert or something similar, but I have always been characterized by analyzing and thinking more things compared to the average of other people (minimum more than most of my friends and family) and I am 100% Surely there will be many of you who will understand me and identify with the following points, surely they have happened to you.

You know what will happen, before it happens

That's right, just by analyzing a situation you can draw a conclusion and which seer, you can predict with certainty what will happen if someone makes one or the other decision.

You feel that your friends do not value the advice you give them

Even if what you told them always happens, they seem not to listen to you and they listen to everyone but you. Sometimes I have been thinking that possibly people like us, we always tell the truth even if they don't want to hear it and other people just tell them what they want to hear.

You sleep less and prefer the dawn

Something happens with us, that during the dawn all creativity is activated. Besides that we love it because it makes us feel peace and allows us to be alone with our thoughts, does it not happen to you?

Although you can socialize with everyone, very few people can become friends

If you go to a party it is not a problem to talk to everyone, laugh, etc ... But when it comes to adding people in your life, there you are very special!

It costs you more work to say “yes” to someone

Compared to many people who start relationships just because they "like" them, girls like us have a harder time accepting to be someone's girlfriend since we start thinking a lot of things that are basic to identify and see if they really It is worth investing our time in him or her.

Commonly we are interested in guys who have things very similar to us, therefore we do not believe in that saying of “opposite poles attract”.

You know when someone is not understanding you and just shake your head so you don't look silly

Argh! I am so desperate for those people who explain something to you and know that inside their head they are thinking: "You shake your head and smile as if you understand what you are talking about."

I don't understand why if they don't understand, they don't tell you and now! It would be easier than wasting our time trying to explain something.

You write and delete, and rewrite thoughts on Facebook

There are times when you need to express your thoughts, but you regret publishing them once you finish because you know no one will understand ... and so on.

Most of the time you end up not publishing them to prevent everyone from doing a drama and receiving notifications and clarifying what you wanted to say.

There are times that make you want to hit in the head those who think about issues that do not know

If we do not know about any subject, we investigate and inform ourselves, only then we dare to comment! That is why we hate people who dare to say the same as everyone without having informed before.

Worst of all is that they repeat the same thing as sheep and feel very "intellectual" for joining a talk that you can tell for miles, they don't understand.

You like to prevent

An example:

If you plan to go to another country, you inform yourself days before in things like culture, food, places of interest, customs, even in which telephone companies there is to buy a chip and thus be able to have internet and not be held incommunicado.

All this to make your trip more enjoyable and make the most of everything and not have to be stressed without knowing what to do at that time.

“You worry a lot”… let yourself go. It is the worst advice they can give you

Everyone his life ...

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