Types of makeup brushes and their magical uses

The world of beauty is much broader than you think, so if you thought you were an expert and have a complete arsenal, it may be good to take a look at all the existing brushes and their uses. It is not going to happen to you.

Foundation brush / Foundation brush

This brush is specially created to apply the foundation of the makeup. Apply the base in the center of the face and sweep it out, towards the hairline to get a perfect finish.

Beauty blender

This beautiful sponge has become popular for its many uses and its effectiveness when it comes to makeup. Moisten it with water and apply the foundation, it will give you deeper coverage.

Kabuki brush / Kabuki brush

The kabuki brush, is exclusively a brush for dusts, being so compact takes many in one pass and the result is incredible. Use it with mattifying, blush, and mineral makeup.

Powder brush / Powder brush

It is used to unify makeup when loose powder has remained on the face.

Blush brush / Blush brush

Applying the blush is super easy with this brush, as it is designed to leave a perfect finish.

Concealer brush / Concealer brush

It allows to apply the concealer in difficult areas such as under the eyes and in the nose. It works with any texture correctors.

Eye shadow brush / Eye shadow brush

This brush will help you gently blur the eye shadows, so if you use more than one color, mix them for a uniform and cute finish.

Mixing brush / Blending brush

Ideal for applying cream concealers. It allows to reach the inside of the eye arch and apply the perfect amount on dark circles.

Blur brush / Smudger brush

It is used to delineate and shape the eyebrows, so you can make up without leaving the area.

Eyeliner brush / Eyeliner brush

Special brush for Eye Liner. Mark the eye accurately

Fan brush / Fan brush

It is very easy for dust spots to fall from the eyeshadow in the dark circles or on the cheeks. When that happens, you never have to touch it with your fingers, that's what this brush is for. It works like a soft broom.

Comb / Comb brush

This combo serves to separate eyelashes, remove excess mascara, comb eyebrows and blur makeup on it.

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