Nightmares of women shaving our legs

Men believe that women's lives are very simple, but if they only had an idea for everything we have to go through and that we never told them, they would surely be frightened and would thank life for not having to live what we had.

Today I especially want to remember the worst things that have happened to all of us and continue to happen by shaving our beautiful little body.

Realize too late that the rake cuts less than primary scissors

And at that precise moment you curse Gillete or any brand for not making knives that last forever.

Having finished and while you dress, realize that there was a small area without shaving

Sometimes you have come to think that those hairs hide just when they see the rake and come out again when you finish.

Start feeling a cramp in the other leg

If you don't have a bench in the bathroom, you always have to do a thousand poses to achieve the goal of shaving your legs well.

The problem is when you stretch too much and start feeling that your support leg is about to give up. Has it happened to you?

Let the hot water run out and have to shave with cold water

Obviously, hot water helps the rake slide like world champion skating on your legs, annihilating all hairs. The problem is when you do it with cold water and the only thing you cause is to leave your skin very irritated.

Cut your ankle

Please tell me that this happens to you too! I am super silly to shave the ankle area and for some reason, I always end up cutting myself, in fact I already have some marks because of this.

Do you know what is the worst? I hate blood and when it happens, it seems like a crime scene, a chaos I prefer not to remember.

Realize that your dad, brother and possibly brother's friend used your rake to shave

Grabbing it and finding hairs of doubtful reputation in it that do not belong to you is something really unpleasant.

Oh and of course! Since there was no other rake in the house, they used yours. Therefore now you only have the option to use it or continue with hairy legs.

Those muds that come out because of a clogged pore

If you do not usually exfoliate before shaving, it is common for some hair to get caught and cause those annoying reddish spots or bars.

Finish shaving and realize that the rake is a little rusty

When this happens, you pray to God not to have cut you since otherwise, you literally feel that you will die at night.

Start to see that just a couple of hours away, there are some hairs that are already ready to fight back.

You can see them peeking out of your pores.

But well ... everything is worth it when you finally run your hands down your legs and feel tremendously sexy.

Those are the things that happen to me, but if something else happens to you, tell us!

Video: WOMEN: DO NOT SHAVE YOUR FACE!! My Experience. Tips & Advice (January 2020).