15 Ways I'd Love My Girlfriend to Paint Her Hair

Talking to my friends, we conclude that a girl with hair dyed in exotic colors is 100 times more attractive. If I had long hair, I would probably paint it too, but unfortunately I'm getting bald and it wouldn't look good on me (haha).

So do us all men a favor and please us with a hair of these colors. They will look super beautiful, I promise you.

If they have brown hair, make a gradient to ice blue. It is my favorite.

This color always reminds us of "The Little Mermaid." Very sexy

Although it sounds disgusting, it makes me want to eat that hair simply because of the color it has.

With such a hair and look, I would give it my all.

A super rockstar style.

I guess the process to get to these tones is a bit difficult, but believe me it's worth it.

Remember to paint it in some color that goes very well with your personality.

Ideal for girls who have light colored eyes.

If you don't want something totally drastic, but sexy and stylish, this is the best option.

A color that would look amazing both day and night. I get married!

The gray is here to stay. It makes them look super pretty and best of all, it goes very well with all skin tones.

A totally galactic hair.

I hope that kiss is for me.

Perfect for good girls.

A more alternative and rockstar touch if you have very long hair.