Things that only an accident-prone girl can understand

I really don't know what happens to me, something happens to me every day. I know I'm too distracted, but that can't be the whole cause. I am sure that the Universe does not like me so much and it is always spending quite heavy jokes.

I will tell you my rugged story because I am sure there are more girls out there like me.

You must get away from the knives.

In fact everything you cut, including the sheets of paper. And it is that who knows how I achieve it, but I always end up with wounds when I manipulate something with the edge. I even think that I heal faster than normal.

You learn to never run.

You learn it badly and after having fallen a lot of times. And it does not matter how much concentration you put into running, you always fall as if by magic. But your body is already so trained that it has learned to fall a certain way so as not to harm you.

You go down the stairs like an old lady.

I have fallen so many times from the stairs, that I can even count the steps while I dive.

You have sprained, dislocated, sprained and fractured.

Sometimes all at the same time. I have friends who in their life have even hurt a finger and much less had a fracture. I no longer remember how many times a thousand ointments have been bandaged, plastered and smeared for injured muscles.

You have already done so much ridicule that the grief disappeared.

Before when you hit your head when you got out of the car, when you tripped in front of many people or when a ball came straight to your face at full speed, you were sad. But as has happened so many times, now you better laugh while you rub the block.

If something can happen, it will happen to you.

The chances of something bad happening are always loaded on your side. And even if you go with a group of friends, if a bird wants to poop, that poop will fall to you.

Wearing heels is suicide.

Without a doubt you will fall, you will twist your ankle, your knees will end up bleeding and a long etc. So I have chosen to leave them in oblivion.

You always have bruises.

You don't even know how you got 99% of your bruises. In fact you don't remember when was the last time you lived without one in the body.

You avoid sports.

When you realize that you are extremely prone to accidents, you begin to make a long list of things that it is preferable to avoid so as not to die trying.

You no longer hurt things that would make someone else cry.

Scrapes, cuts, fractures, blows on the little toe, etc. They hurt you but you already endure more than the average people.

You do not live in fear.

Many people may think that you live in fear and that you limit yourself to avoid accidents. But you know that it is impossible to get away from them, so you live normally and without worries. Total, if it will happen, it will happen.

You are used to people telling you phrases like:

"Look where you walk." "You are too distracted." "One day you will kill yourself." "Are you dumb or what?"

Although it is difficult to be like that, you would not change it for anything.

It is not very pleasant to be hurting and beating all the time, but it has made me live things that others have not lived. I also have many funny anecdotes to tell.

Video: NV6: Accident Prone (January 2020).