How to be the best boyfriend on the planet?

There is no manual that tells you step by step how to be the best boyfriend on the planet, and if there were, it would be better to ignore it, because all relationships are different. However, there are some universal tips that will help you a lot to earn enough points in your favor.

Return to the old methods of conquest.

Instead of sending messages all the time, call her, write love letters, give her flowers or bring her a serenade. The classic will always work when it comes to romance.

Remember the important dates.

For us birthdays, anniversaries and first times of everything are very important. So if you remember the important dates you will become the best boyfriend in the world.

Do not play hard.

Enough of the typical stereotype of the man who has no feelings, who is womanizer and hard-hearted. That does not work in real life. We like to see your feelings. We want a man, not a robot.

Spontaneous details

It doesn't need to be a special date for you to surprise her with something. We love surprises, it doesn't have to be something material or very elaborate, any detail is huge for us.

Say what you feel.

We hate walking around guessing everything, we feel horrible that we are only the ones who always say "I love you" or things like that. Opening your feelings is what will really make us happy.

Banish your macho attitudes.

There is nothing more attractive than a man who has banished sexist attitudes from his mind and lifestyle. Girls do not want a man mentally closed. Get bored!

Show that he can trust you.

Prove with actions and not only with talk that you are there for her and that you will never disappoint her confidence. Show her that she is the only one and will always be that way.

Go for provisions on those difficult days.

Our period drives us crazy and we need apapacho, and if you take the initiative it will be almost as if you would lower the sky and the stars.

Make her laugh

If you still believe that women need material things to be happy, leave and do not return until you have understood that what makes us fall in love with a man is to make us laugh.

Worry about her.

A spontaneous call to see how your day is going, to see her when she is sick, or just be there when she needs you most.