Accessories that every feminist princess should have

All women are or should be feminists, because it is about defending our rights in order to obtain equity in all areas. It's not about fighting, just educating, defending and enforcing.

There is nothing wrong with being a princess, but a warrior princess.

This is what a feminist looks like.

No womb, no opinion.

Fight like a girl.

Girls only want fundamental human rights.

I need them!

Because I am proud to be.

I'm sorry, your princess is in another castle because she found her own way and went home.


Golfa is a social construct.

Feminist is not a dirty word.

A beautiful necklace that would wear with pride.

The princess who rescued herself.

I met God, she is black.

Tears of man.

This is why I am sexy.

Feminism: The radical idea that a woman is a person.

Because we have ovaries.

Crush patriarchy.

Do not touch me.

A beautiful ring that represents equity.

Misogyny kills.

Touch me and you die.

I have the vagina, I make the rules.

Good story brother, now make me an equitable member of society.


To hell your gender roles.

I'm not your baby.

Sexism makes me angry.

Eat a bag of penises.

I don't care about your ridiculous beauty standards.

I woke up like this.

Strong girl.

Video: Why Life is Better as a Disney Princess (November 2019).