17 Toasters to change the look of your sandwiches

If you thought that a bread was the simplest thing on the planet, you have to see these toasters that will make the bread set aside its humility and simplicity.

See how you can change the way you eat bread for the rest of your life.

Star Wars fans always present.

Relive bread, revive!

A glorious bread

I would gladly take a good bite.

I wish I could go out in the shape of my dog.

In this toaster you can put the photo you want.

It has a special bag so you can put your complete sandwich.

Here you can print the weather of the day.

I love it. Super vintage!

For horror lovers.

Write the message you want, the toaster will put it in your bread.

All in one, my dream has finally come true.

To eat it with jam or butter.

For those who prefer another type of bread.

There is something even for the toughest.

I can not imagine the face of a child to see his sandwich with this bread.

If they give me a choice, I definitely choose her.

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