20 Designs to achieve an extra natural manicure

If you don't really want to add color to your nails, but still want them to look neat and spectacular, a natural design is what you need. Today we will tell you how to obtain it in the simplest way possible.

Check this, the natural will always be fashionable!

1. The only thing you need to achieve this beautiful design on your nails, is a nude and another polish that only shine.

2. You can make yourself a French manicure using a golden color on top of your nude nails.

3. Some flowers at the tip will give you a natural and colorful look.

4. If you like decals or nail accessories, then you should consider white flowers on this nail color.

5. One point will give balance and mystery to your nails.

6. If you prefer, do not use stitches on all nails, only on one of each hand.

7. If the points are made with enamel with diamond, they will be almost imperceptible but will give you that shine you are looking for.

8. Pastel colors combine perfectly with nude color, do not break the balance.

9. That's right, the black dots are perfect with this type of color, you can also put them as you see fit.

10. Remember to file them perfectly to shape them. A touch of diamond on the tips makes them the classiest nails you have ever had.

11. Bet on the fancy jewelry for nails, I assure you that they will not look better than wearing this color.

12. Reserve a nail for her to be the star of the glow that day.

13. You can try several nude tones to give perspective to your nails.

14. If you like rings try using this style when you paint your nails like this:

15. The French manicure was made to match the nude color.

16. If you just want to shine your nails, you can make this design.

17. With this gradient they will look like small cotton candy.

18. If you don't have the necessary tools to draw pictures on your nails, take a permanent marker and design whatever you want on one of your nails.

19. You can combine it with a slightly stronger shade of pink.

20. If you prefer, leave a completely natural part and complement it with a slightly stronger tone.