21 Fashion tricks every woman should know

Browsing our Facebook we find these images that caught our attention, as they are excellent tips that help us solve the problems we have every day in the fashion world.

Do you know what's the best? That we already tried several of them and they are really helpful! We want to share them to see if they also help you.

If you hate ironing a shirt since you take a long time because of the buttons, just iron it upside down to do it on the button.

Simply put a stocking on the vacuum hose to find a small accessory that you had lost.

A quick and less time-consuming way to iron the collar of your shirt.

This will help to lubricate the metal of your closure so that it does not get stuck.

We have not tried this tip but we advise you to try it with a garment that you no longer use. Take the test with a cream deodorant and then with a gel deodorant to see which one works best. Tell us which one was better!

Excellent tip for not throwing that shirt that fell a little red wine.

This tip comes from many generations ago. Sure it works!

Wear your sexy stockings again without fear of running.

If you want to remove dirt from your suede boots, remove the crust of a white bread (as well as when you did it when you were little) and let it harden. Gently rub the bark with suede and the dirt will gradually disappear without damaging your garment.

If you love a shirt but don't wear it because it feels very stiff, let it soak for a few days in salt water and ... Ta-rán! It will become a super soft garment.

If you need to wash something quickly and easily, use the container your mom uses to disinfect vegetables.

Make your patent leather shoes shine like diamonds with a glass cleaner.

Vodka and water to remove bad odors from your shoes, socks, etc.

If your bag has an oil stain, apply a lot of talcum powder on top of it, let it sit overnight and you will notice that the stain will no longer be the next morning.

Put your sweater in a sealed bag in the freezer for 3 hours, so you keep it from throwing lint.

Rub your clothes with a Pome stone, you must do it very carefully so that you can remove all the lint that has been stuck.

Give a long life to the color of your jeans with this tip.

It will look more stylish and elegant if you do it this way.

Apply moisturizer on a piece of cotton and rub gently until you see the rayon disappearing.

You could be buying a smaller bra to your size and you don't even consider it. Follow this tip!

This tip is very effective if you bring Converse or Vans on rainy days.

via: Cutypaste