20 Gifts that I deserve now that I graduate

Well, I have taken another step in my studies and I think it is fair and necessary that I receive at least one thing from here.

I said!

1. The most vintage way to watch a movie on the tablet.

2. I deserve a few days of intense play.

3. I promise not to spend it in the same place.

4. Anyone would fall as a glove.

5. The accessory of my dreams.

6. A solar charger. Think about it, dads, so I could not say again that I ran out of batteries.

7. This clock expresses what I am going to do with my vacations.

8. Since if you want to see more splendid, this would not bother me.

9. To eat ice cream all day.

10. So my back would not be shattered.

11. To be able to get rid of my nails without exhausting myself in the process.

12. This is better than having a boyfriend.

13. It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life.

14. I would never get up again.

15. Please do not make me do things!

16. They look beautiful!

17. So I do want to accommodate the mess of my room.

18. This could keep me entertained.

19. A gummy-bear lamp.

20. Wallet Waffle!

Video: The Spiders and the Bees (January 2020).