26 Pícaras ideas for a bachelorette party

If you or a friend are about to get married, plan a fun and naughty bachelorette party to celebrate as never before. Start a new stage in life!

It should be noted that many girls do not want to involve strippers or other men, as they want to avoid problems with their partner. And it is especially for those women to whom this content is addressed.

He is rogue but without crossing the line!

A caps for the guests and a special for the bride. The ones in the image are great.

Ask all the guests to put kisses on a card, then send it to frame. It will be an excellent memory.

Let there be no trace of the drunkenness that the bride put on. When you arrive at the house, leave your cell phones in a basket so that nobody takes pictures and then these will not be uploaded to Facebook. Very useful, I tell you from experience.

Whiskey Frappes with Coca Cola or Apple.

Sexies cookies (they are an excellent souvenir).

Here is another design.

Balloon competition with these designs! The first one to blow it up wins!

If you want original invitations, here is an idea.

"Palettes" of condoms.

A Barbie cake that shows how the future wife will end the night.

I loved!

Serving drinks with these straws would be super fun.

Cups made with the name of each of the guests.

Forces the future bride to show off this band wherever she goes. It will be very fun!

Bite bite!

If you want to make original shots, this is the indicated option. I know it does not have much to do, but I loved it.

Panties personalized with the name of your boy or with funny phrases.

It does not have to be sex, also the feminine details are a good option to give as a souvenir.

A veil to the bride's cup.

Print the photo of a celebrity, or why not, of the fiancé. All the guests, blindfolded, will try to kiss him. Obviously after having drunk a few drinks.

A gift that shows a lot of love towards the girl who marries, is this idea where you give the "recipe" to have a good marriage.

Frozen bananas (we all know the intention).

Take a photo to each guest at the time of arrival and when the party ends take another photo to see how they were. I loved!

If they decide to go to the beach, force the bride to wear this outfit when going to the pool or the sea.

Sandals with veils.

A daring "truth or challenge".

If you want to wrap a gift in an original way, here is the solution.