25 Simple desserts with chocolates that will melt your palate

If you thought that the most you could do with a chocolate was to burn it to the fire, then it will be better that you feel, because you will enter in shock to see all the delights that you can achieve with them.

1. Little pieces of heaven. Ok, chocolates and Oreo.

2. Deep chocolate and chocolates.

3. Nutella sandwich with melted chocolates.

4. Marshmallow bar.

5. Cereal roll, chocolate and chocolates.

6. Mini birthday cakes made with chocolate covered marshmallows.

7. Skewers.

8. Banana bread, chocolate and chocolates.

9. Chocolates filled with marshmallow.

10. Chocolate cookies with chocolates.

11. Pallets.

12. Bombons with fire bathed in Baileys.

13. Chocolate rolls.

14. Banana stuffed.

15. Let them cool down and enjoy.

16. Chocolate candies

17. Decorate your cakes with them.

18. Garnish them to serve as a container.

19. Fill them with gelatin.

20. Melt them and place them in molds inside the refrigerator.

21. Vampire dentures.

22. Perfect for snacks.

23. Apple toothpaste with peanut butter and chocolates.

24. Pallets with bark.

25. Popcorn with melted marshmallows.

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