12 Easy and beautiful hairstyles for girls who hate combing their hair

I hate combing my hair, I'm not very clever and I do not have much time to invest, so I'm almost always disheveled. But that is over, and that is that I took on the task of looking for beautiful hairstyles and at the same time easy to do. I'm sure you're going to love it.

1. A tape will always save your life.

2. It seemed more complicated, but it's fast and looks elegant.

3. A quick way to get curlers.

4. This looks great on any kind of occasion.

5. It will seem like you've spent hours.

6. Perfect for the office.

7. This is perfect when it was extremely late.

8. I love it !.

9. You can do this even if you are walking or on the bus.

10. Get a headband like that.

11. A more Hipster look.

12. Even if you have little hair with this trick your chongos will be fabulous.

Video: 5 Basic Braids (November 2019).